Monarch Waystation & Kinder-Garden Volunteer Opportunities

Do you like to garden? Enjoy being outside? Kids like the school playground? Enjoy fresh vegetables? Then you can help the school gardens! Throughout the year we look for volunteers to help with watering, weeding and seasonal clean up.  Check here for opportunities.  Did you know...Summer watering volunteers can even take advantage of the fresh veggies in the kinder-garden, as they can be harvested while you’re there.  Please email the waystation chair, Gwen Meehan at if you have any questions.


Fall Clean-Up Helpers - Our garden has grown beautifully this summer and now it's time to get it ready for winter. Adult volunteers and older kids are needed to help pull plants, cut down perennials, and spread chopped leaves (if we have them). Fall clean-up is Saturday, November 3rd from 1:30 - 3:30 pm. Rain date is Tuesday, November 6th from 10 am - 12 pm. Sign up via email to or just show up. Garden gloves, garden rakes, and pruning clippers would be helpful, as we have a limited number available.


The Monarch Waystation is located in the kinder-garden area at the back of the school. A Monarch Waystation is simply a garden that has both milkweed plants which Monarchs feed on as caterpillars, and nectar plants that they feed on as adults.

As the leaves start to fall, and you start to bag them up, please consider bringing them to the garden area to provide winter mulch for the beds.  These will be used for both the waystation and kinder-garden.  We ask that the leaves be chopped and bagged, the whole leaves do not decompose quickly enough and can cause mildew problems in the spring. Chopped leaves are very beneficial to the soil, and their covering protects the roots of the perennial plants from the harsh winter cold.  Please check out the attached flyer for how to make leaf mulch.  Please contact Gwen Meehan if you are interested in volunteering with the waystation garden.