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Monthly Teacher Snack Program   

Teacher Snack Day - 5th Grade Parents We Need Your Help, October 15th

Please join us in providing a special snack day for our teachers each month! The next Teacher Snack Day is scheduled for Monday, October 15th. We are asking our 5th grade parents to please provide snacks for the month of October. Let's help feed some hungry and very hard-working teachers as they spend their day inspiring our kids. Please provide a healthy snack that can serve 40 people. Items listed on the online sign up include juice, snack bars, K-cups, fruit, veggies, pretzels and popcorn, baked goods, as well as your own personal choice (cheese sticks, yogurt, snack mix, etc). You may deliver your donation to the staff lounge around 7:10am (no later than 7:25am) that day or drop off your item the day before at Valerie Otterback's house. To coordinate delivery, please contact Valerie at For general questions about this event or more guidance on what to donate, please contact Valerie as well. Thank you for your support. Please sign-up here:!/showSignUp/20f0d49aaae23aaff2-teacher