Quick! What does LEAP stand for and why should you care? It’s a trick question, it seems, since not too many parents know what LEAP is. “LEAP” stands for the Loudoun Education Alliance of Parents, which was created in 1989 to promote interaction between parents, teachers, school board members and members of LCPS administration.

Why should you care about LEAP? It offers an opportunity to gain more insight into some of the important issues facing our students and how we parents can help our kids manage these issues.

LEAP meets monthly, and every school PTA has a member assigned to attend the meetings, however all meetings are also open to the public. Presenters of the topics may include experts on a particular topic, teachers, administrative staff and/or teachers.
This year our Belmont Station PTA representatives will be sharing updates and reports from LEAP meetings throughout the year. LEAP meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 7 pm in rooms 102A and 102B in the Administration building.
You can find more information about LEAP on the LCPS website or contact BeST LEAP Representatives: