Chairperson Guidelines

*All program/event chair people are responsible for their own communications with parents and students.
*Be sure to always include a contact name, phone number and email for the program or event.
*Please “cc” your respective Vice President (VP) on all correspondence.
Need Volunteers?  – Please contact Rhonda Mazur ( one month prior to your event to inquire about any volunteers that may have signed up for your event.  Please keep in mind that as the Chair you are responsible for staffing your event.
Collecting forms and money – If your event has forms and/or money that are being collected please make a hanging folder clearly labeled with your event and place it in the front office in the cart behind the front counter (Cheryl or Lucia will be able to help you locate it if you can't find it). IMPORTANT: ALL chairs whose events involve collecting cash/checks must be sure to empty their respective folder each Friday.  Money is not to be left in the school over the weekend.  (Remember that all cash/checks need to be submitted to the treasurer by the actual event date.  You may choose to make weekly submissions in order to avoid a lot of work just before your event).
**NEW** Communication with the front office and teachers (After School Programs) - Please fill out the Front Office and Teachers form before the program starts. One copy of the form needs to go to Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Chang in the front office. One copy of the form needs to go to each teacher who has a student participating in after school program.
Getting the word out about your event or program
Pink PTA flyers – Mrs. Mercer has requested that the PTA limit their number of pink PTA flyers each week to three (3).  Big events (Movie Night, BINGO, Winter Wonderland, Talent Show and Read-a-thon) can send home two (2) paper flyers and everything else just one. Please coordinate in advance with your PTA VP to ensure that your information is included at the right time.  We ask that you please be flexible as some months are busier than others.  Please ensure the flyers are in the teachers’ mailboxes by 12:00 noon on Wednesday to guarantee distribution.  All pink flyers should include a link to the BeST website, either your specific event, program or volunteer schedule, or the main page.
      The VP MUST see all flyers/letters that will be sent to the parents or teachers prior to being sent for approval.  Once the VP has reviewed the flyer/letter then the committee chairperson can obtain approval from Mrs. Mercer or Mrs. Wilee.
        The pink paper is currently stored in the teacher’s lounge beneath the tables.  Please make the number of copies based on the classroom listing above the copier in the back workroom.  Be sure to include a few extra copies for the teachers and the potential new students.  Return the unused paper pack under the table.
        Place a WHITE copy in the yellow folder near the visitors’ check-in computer in the front office.  Please place an additional 25 copies in the flyer bins in the front office. After your event/program, please be sure to remove any remaining copies.
ETF (Electronic Thursday Folder) – Sent by email every Thursday of each month.  Please provide Rhonda Mazur - PTA Communications Chair (, with your event information for the ETF by Monday prior to noon.  Please include the message as you would like it to appear (2-3 sentence blurb), along with any PDF attachments (aka “ETF ready”).  Please ensure the attachments are in PDF format.  Always CC your Vice President. Note – the ETF is a great alternative to the pink PTA flyers and helps the school maintain its focus on being environmentally friendly.     
PTA Newsletter – Not sent at this time.
PTA website – Email Julie Harris ( – any information you would like to include on the PTA section of the school website.  Please email her the information as you would like it to appear on the website.  Including announcements, call out for volunteers, clip art, and dates for the calendar.  Please be sure to include the start and end times.  Do this early to ensure maximum visibility!
Facebook – Please contact your respective VP to post event information to the BeST PTA Facebook page.  
Commercials for morning news – Where a commercial is necessary please contact Erika Abril or Peggy Tyree two weeks prior to the event.  In prior years the following events had commercials:  BINGO, Winter Wonderland and the Spring Dance.
Event reminder for morning news – If you would like information about your event mentioned in the morning news program, please contact Erika Abril  one week prior to the event.  Please provide all information for the event (time, date, location, and cost).  Please include the days you would like the reminder(s) to air.
The Nitty Gritty:
Where to find supplies, Reserve Rooms and Working with School Staff, and Get Volunteers
Event supplies and decorations – There is a PTA storage area in the garage behind the cafeteria to store supplies and decorations for events.  The storage area is kept locked.  Please see the office secretaries or the head custodians for a master key.  The key needs to be returned immediately.  PLEASE double check the event supplies before placing a new order.  Also please DO NOT use other committee supplies prior to checking with the respective chair.
Events and the building use form – An official LCPS form is needed to request use of the building.  The building use form can be obtained from the front office staff, or by clicking here.  Please turn the completed form in at least 1 month prior to the event. 
Events requiring tables – (i.e. BINGO, 5th grade promotion) The PTA bought extra tables to use for events. They are stored in the storage "garage" near the cafeteria doors and adjacent to the loading dock. You can ask a custodian for a key to access them.
Events and custodial staff – Keep the custodial staff informed of event plans, particularly if their assistance is needed with the setup.  Leave notes, directions, and/or drawings of table layouts (BINGO and 5th grade promotion as examples) in their mailboxes in the front office at least one week prior to the event.  Always let them know your needs for tables, chairs, etc.  Best of all, speak to them so they know who is running the event and they have a face to associate with the notes and directions.
Events and student volunteers – The Stone Bridge Key Club (Mr. Wilkin, and Trailside Middle School are great sources for volunteers.  In addition, Girl Scout troops, Boy Scout troops and church youth groups are also great sources for volunteers.  Please give these organizations plenty of notice for your events.  Remember, you are competing with the other elementary schools for their services.  Please follow up with them!
Community outreach – The key events collect items to support our local community.  Please contact Mobile Hope at 703.858.8801, Loudoun Interfaith Relief or Toys for Tots  one month prior to the event to identify needed items.  Past events that collected donations include (but are not limited to): BINGO, Winter Wonderland.